Chris Menist is a writer, DJ and musician who currently resides in the UK. DJ Maft Sai lives in Bangkok, and runs the Zud RangMa HQ Record store and legendary bar, Studio Lam.  The pair have hosted the Paradise Bangkok nights since 2009, showcasing vintage Asian sounds as well as music from Africa and the Caribbean.  The duo have also taken these nights to Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and the UK and continue to DJ globally. At their 3rd Anniversary they launched the'Paradise Bangkok' imprint, which reissues little known music from across Asia and Africa, and the project now includes The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band whose live shows and debut LP '21st Century Molam' have been received to great acclaim. To date they have played throughout Europe and Asia, at Glastonbury, Field Day, Worldwide Festival, Paleo, Clandestine, and Cafe Oto. Their second LP 'Planet Lam' was released in October 2016.

In addition to Paradise Bangkok, the pair run two sub-labels Eastern Connection and Studio Lam, the latter focussing on brand new sounds coming out of Thailand. ZudRang Ma Records  is a one of a kind shop in South East Asia, showcasing an unrivaled selection of original Thai vinyl, as well as rarities from Malaysia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, North Africa and Iran. They are also the only store in the region to stock releases by Soundway, Honest Jons, Soul Jazz, Erased Tapes, Matsuli and Strut.

Similarly, the Studio Lam bar has fast grown into a key hub for experimental music, hosting nights by local artists such as Kammao Pertanon, Siang Hong Lion, Yaan and Electric Phipet Band, as well as international names like Awesome Tapes From Africa, Rabih Beaini, Kirk Digiorgio, Andrew Ashong, Miles Cleret and Hugo Mendez.

Chris and Nat have also compiled 'Sound of Siam' Vols 1 & 2 (Soundway) and 'Thai? Dai!' (Finders Keepers), compilations of vintage Thai luk thung, molam and psych music. Chris also co-compiled the 'Sounds of Wonder' series for Finders Keepers as well as 'Qat, Coffee and Qambus' for Dust To Digital. He also recently wrote the 'Black Fire! New Spirits!' book with Soul Jazz Records, and presents 'Paradise Bangkok' on NTS, monthly.

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