Paradise Bangkok began as a regular club night in Thailand in 2009 featuring DJs and collectors Chris Menist and Maft Sai, spinning music from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, with a focus on local music, especially molam and luk thung. Compilations for Soundway and Finders Keepers followed as well the ‘Paradise Bangkok’ label, that focuses on rare Thai reissues, and most recently The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, who released their debut LP ‘21st Century Molam’ in 2014. 

Overall the concept of Paradise Bangkok has been to celebrate and promote music that has often been passed over or forgotten, not granted the same audience or status as rock, jazz or soul music. The success of the project so far has highlighted that people are always hungry to hear new sounds, and are often shocked to hear that a late 60s molam record is not a ‘remix’ but an original piece of vinyl over 30 years old!

The music in this webstore focuses on the Paradise Bangkok family of labels (Studio Lam, Eastern Connection and Paradise Bangkok) original vinyl from Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and beyond, and serves as both archive and a place to pick up sounds largely unavailable elsewhere in their original vinyl issue.

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